Eagle Shipping LLC
Eagle Shipping LLC
  •      Simplifying your freight & logistics needs with a personal approach                                                                                                                                        

  •      Simplifying your freight & logistics needs with a personal approach                                                                                                                                        

Our Logistics Services

Air Transport

Our prime responsibility is to dispatch your freight on time and at your desired location whether it is domestic or foreign. 
Safety of your freight is also of paramount importance and we take every precaution to ensure that your goods do not 
suffer any damage in forwarding process.
We provide a range of services to our client and aim at increasing their productivity and profitability through our activities. 
As an international freight carrier, we specialize in air import and export.We are also flexible and dynamic as regards our

work procedure which keeps us ahead in our field. Our customers have posed immense faith in our competence as 
credible air freight carrier and we endeavor to prove them right.
  • Regular global consolidations
  • Options of carrier based on cargo
  • Door to door services
  • Import- Export freight services

Land Transport

Our trucks are utilized for the transport of goods from the shipper's facility to the consolidation point. We provide the right truck for the right consignment thereby ensuring that goods reach their destination fast without extra charges.Whether you are moving goods from anywhere, we have you covered.We offer all types of equipment, whether your needs are for temperature-controlled, bulk or high volume. 

We offer all types of equipment, whether your needs are for temperature-controlled, bulk or high volume. Additional services include pallet exchange, weekend deliveries, individual billing, additional insurance, and performance and quality ratings. 

    • immediate collection for urgent shipments. 
    • planned collection times for regular or schedules shipments. 
    • daily services to destinations throughout world. 
    • transportation of any type of load, including hazardous materials. 
    • guaranteed day and time definite deliveries.

Marine Transport

When your cargo spends a week or two on the ocean, you want a service provider that has access to information and competitive rates. Our comprehensive ocean freight program reached major global markets with an emphasis in the traffic lanes connecting numerous destinations in India and abroad.

Our ocean carriers are available to meet the challenges and deadlines of your overseas shipping itinerary, whether it be automobile or motorcycle shipping for individuals or shows. We can ship FCL or LCL


    • Full-container-load (FCL) Consolidation
    • Less-than-container-load (LCL) Consolidation
    • On-The-Spot/Factory Stuffing of Containers
    • Multi-Modal Transport Operators
    • Infrastructure & Services Facilities at all sea Ports and Dry Ports
    • Dry or liquid bulk shipments

Our Logistics Services

Packing And Removal 

We provide integrated Packaging Services for a diverse range of clients. What attracts customers to our Packaging Service is the presence of a committed team that delivers superior results. We ensure the highest standards in the Packaging Services that we provide and our efforts are always directed towards proper handling of the packages by every person responsible.

  • Rack pallet 
  • Packing-Repacking 
  • Lashing 
  • Chocking 
  • Packaging for a vast range of goods 
  • Seasoned team of packers 
  • High quality 
  • Simple documentation • Fast and quick packaging 
  • Special handling of sensitive material 
  • Safe and secure packaging provided

Customs Clearance 

Another important aspect of the freight forwarding business is custom clearances, especially in countries with strict customs and excise laws. Lack of knowledge regarding local customs regulations and improper handling of customs documentation can cause havoc to the supply chain resulting in major losses and legal wrangles.


    • Customs Documentation. 
    • Carting / Receiving Goods. 
    • Inspection Of Shipments. 
    • Handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at Ports, ICD's and Customers warehouse.
    • Vast network 
    • Reliable 
    • Documentation provided quickly
    • Expert consultation and counseling 
    • Varity of goods handled

Integrated Logistics

Eagle Shipping LLC, is a fast moving and forward thinking company offering global logistics services. We offer our valuable customers fast, 

reliable and cost effective logistics services, customized to their specific requirements. A full range of value added logistical operations are 
available where required, ranging from storage and break bulk operations to pick and pack and bar-coding operations, all supported by 
state-of-the-art computer systems. Over decades experience in the transportation of goods throughout the world. Import and export. Air Freight, 
ocean freight or ground freight, we can handle it! Eagle Shipping LLC , customize a transportation and logistics solution to suit your need.